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    Westerleigh  Crematorium

    Our nearest crematoria are:

    • Gloucester, run by Gloucester City Council, (map from Cam)
    • Westerleigh, run by Westerleigh Group plc,
    • Cheltenham  run by Cheltenham City Council and
    • Canford (Bristol) run by Bristol City Council
    • and slightly further afield are Worcester, South Bristol and Forest of Dean. (also run by  Westerleigh Group plc) , Bath and Swindon.

    Gloucester Crematorium

    Gloucester Crematorium

    Disposal of Cremated Remains

    There are many options for the disposal of cremated remains and some important issues.

    Important notice - Crematorium regulations

    It is important to note that due to cremation regulations it is the responsibility of the funeral director to ensure that materials used in a cremation will not produce pollution to the environment. This can limit some of the choices available to families for coffins and decoration.

    A myth dispelled

    It should be noted that cremated remains from all crematoria are NOT mixed up nor any portion thrown away. The cremation facilities are raked clean between each cremation. Crematoria take great care to maintain the identity of the remains from as soon as the coffin arrives at the chapel.

    What are cremation forms or doctor’s forms?

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