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  • Pauline Hudson Hughes
  • Kenneth Sims
  • Kathleen Edith Ann Miles
  • Irene Anastasia Elder
  • Brian Whalley
  • Harold Charles Neale
  • Eileen Annie Brisland
  • Ronald John Lucas
  • Paul Edward Gardiner
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    Independent Way from Golden Charter

    We are pleased to offer Independent Way from Golden Charter because we believe together we can deliver the best choice to best meet your needs for the best value. We can help you to design a funeral that represents your exact requirements. The amount you pay would be at today’s prices, as if the funeral were now, plus an additional £199 administration fee to Golden Charter and a £99 arrangement fee to us.

    The total amount is paid to Golden Charter using one of their payment options.

    Because there are so many different options to choose from, all with different prices, it is not possible to give an exhaustive pricelist. However, you can get an idea of the price of the funeral from our interactive pricing tool and adding on the £298 arrangement fee. If you contact us we will be happy to give you our personal service.


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