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  • May Mutter
  • May Mutter
  • Lilian Margaret Hatton
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    What to do

    Don’t worry! It’s our job to take away as much of the stress and hassle during what can be a very upsetting time. So please, if there is anything you need help or assistance with —please let us know.

    Here are a few things that you might need to think about:

    • Feel free to contact us at any time on (01453) 54 27 54 and we will be pleased to guide you through the process personally.
    • We can arrange to collect the deceased, normally within 1 hour . We will ask whether the death has been certified. We know it can be a delicate subject but if the deceased is large or in an awkward position, if you can, please let us know.
    • We will arrange to discuss your funeral requirements with you either when we collect the deceased or at another time at your convenience.
    • If you speak to a doctor, hospital bereavement or nursing home you may need to say if the funeral is to be burial or cremation as this affects the paperwork required.
    • If your loved one is wearing jewellery you may want to think about whether you want them to continue to wear it or we can remove it for you. You can always supply us with clothes and personal items later (subject to cremation regulations where applicable—please ask for advice).

    There is a certain amount of paperwork to complete associated with a death which a funeral director cannot do for you, although we are happy to help in anyway that we can. Including advise, making phone calls or providing transport.

    The following options explain the different circumstances:

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    What to do when someone dies