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Solar roof output

Generated 19,365.7kWh

Since October 2005


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Solar powered chapel of rest

When our chapel of rest roof needed to be rebuilt in 2005 we fitted it with 80 PhotoVoltaic (PV) tiles which generate electricity. These are called C21s and are an alternative to tiles and not panels which sit on top of the normal roof tiles. They connect to the national grid (via an inverter) so what we don’t use, we can sell as electricity produced from a renewable source. At peak times we can produce 2.5kW of mains electricity. building.

Chapel of rest with solar panel roof

When we are unable to produce electricity e.g. In the winter or at night we can buy back electricity as normal. As we do not use very much electricity here, our aim is to be energy neutral in this building. Since the commissioning of the solar roof in October 2005 we have averaged a generation of 3MWhrs (MegaWatt hours) a year.

The PV tiles were installed by Solar Century. We are supplied by Good Energy who then buy our electricity from us.

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