Direct Cremations in Wotton-under-Edge, Thornbury and All Surrounding Areas

LW Clutterbuck Ltd can arrange cremations and direct cremations, depending on your loved one’s preferences A direct cremation is a cremation that no one attends. These are a popular service if you wish to break from tradition and celebrate your loved one’s life at a time and place that suits you and your family. We offer cremations across Wotton-under-Edge and Dursley from our offices in Cam and Thornbury. Our respectful cremations cover all aspects, including support throughout, following crematorium regulations and help with doctor’s cremation forms..

If direct cremation isn't for you, we also offer bespoke and traditional funeral services to suit various budgets and wishes. Please read our testimonials to learn more about our cremations and funerals.


What’s Included in a Direct Cremation

  • An Unattended Cremation

  • Collection of The Deceased From Where They Passed Away

  • Dignified Transportation to The Crematorium

  • Caring For The Deceased at Our Chapel Of Rest

  • Support Throughout

  • Help With All Cremation and Legal Paperwork

  • Preparing The Deceased For Cremation

  • A Simple Coffin

  • Removal of Pacemakers

  • Respectful Cremation at The Crematorium

  • Music of Your Choice to be Played at The Crematorium

  • Returning or Scattering of The Ashes

As part of direct cremations, we also cover:

  • Complete Identity Checks

  • Preparation of The Body

  • Taking The Coffin into The Crematorium

  • Offering a Bow

  • Collecting The Ashes

  • Returning The Ashes to The Loved Ones

  • In a Beautiful Urn of Your Choosing

  • Creating a Keepsake Piece of Jewellery or Glassware

  • Scattering The Ashes on The Family’s Request

What Isn’t Included in a Direct Cremation

  • Attendance of Mourners

  • A Service

  • Choice Of Crematorium

  • Choice of Date or Time (Could be up to 4 Weeks Ahead)

  • Collection of The deceased Before 8am or After 6pm

  • Funeral Procession

  • Spending Time With Your Loved Ones in One Of Our Chapels is Available at an Extra Cost

Crematorium Regulations

Cremation regulations mean that our funeral directors are responsible for ensuring the materials used will not pollute the environment. This can limit some of the choices available to families for coffins and decoration.

Doctor's Cremation Forms

Doctor’s Cremation Forms are completed by a doctor, usually the GP or doctor who treated the person in the hospital and are more detailed than the medical cause of death certificate. The doctor has to speak to someone connected with the deceased, so you might get a phone call about this.

When someone dies, the death must be certified by a Medical Practioner (GP) unless the death is referred to H. M Coroner (e.g. if it is unexpected or as a result of an industrial disease). When the death is certified the doctor issues a Medical Cause of Death Certificate. This is sent to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages where usually the next of kin must attend to register the death.

The LW Clutterbuck Ltd team can advise on all aspects of our direct cremations to help you decide if they are right for your loved one. With our Headquarters in Cam and a branch in Thornbury, we can provide services across Dursley and Wotton-under-Edge.

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