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The funeral directors at LW Clutterbuck Ltd aim to create bespoke traditional and non-traditional funerals in Dursley and the surrounding areas. We cover woodland burials, traditional respectful cremations, direct cremations, pre-paid funeral plans and headstones. Our team helps with funeral vehicles, natural burials and alternative memorials. With our years of experience, we know some ways to create a special funeral that truly reflects your loved one.

Some ideas to help personalise funerals include:

  • Hand Out Seed Cards

  • Re-Use Funeral Flowers

  • Give Away Books

  • Create a Memory Board

Hand Out Seed Cards

Seed cards are a special way to remember someone, especially if they were a keen gardener. Cards can be personalised, and guests can grow the seeds as their own tribute. A common choice is forget-me-nots.

Re-Use Funeral Flowers

There are often more funeral flowers than you know what to do with, so re-using them can be a great solution. They can be disassembled into posies, which can be given to guests to thank them for their support. Funeral flowers can also be made into jewellery so you always have a reminder of your loved one.

As experienced funeral directors, LW Clutterbuck Ltd specialises in woodland burials, pre-paid funeral plans, direct cremations, headstones and alternative memorials. We can use our years of experience to provide fully bespoke services in and around Dursley.

Give Away Books

If your loved one was a reading enthusiast, you may be left with an extensive library that you sadly can’t find a home for. One way to share their appreciation for books is to hand them out at the funeral. This way, guests will have a special object to remember their loved ones.

Create a Memory Board

Freestanding noticeboards can be used to create a collage of photographs that can be displayed at funerals and wakes. This provides a place for mourners to come together and share memories. This idea can be expanded by offering cards and labels on which guests can write memories, which can be added to the board.

After the wake, the messages and photographs can be saved for the family in a photo album so they have a lasting memorial.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Funerals

Our funeral directors offer various services to create custom funerals and cremations in Dursley and the surrounding areas. Some of the core services we provide include:

  • Respectful Cremations

  • Natural Burials

  • Funeral Vehicles

  • Alternative Memorials

  • Direct Cremations

  • Woodland Burials

  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

  • Headstones

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