Headstones in Dursley, Thornbury, Wotton-under-Edge and All Surrounding Areas

At LW Clutterbuck Ltd, we can supply a wide range of headstones to order We can also supply tablets and bronze plaques, according to the requirements of the churchyard or cemetery in question. With years of industry experience, we understand this is a difficult time, and there will be many considerations. Our funeral directors are here to help. We offer various headstones and headstone inscriptions and support you throughout the process, from applying for permission to installation. Our company also provides headstone maintenance so your memorial will remain clean and tidy, and we can restore existing memorials in and around Dursley, Thornbury and Wotton-under-Edge.

Please read our testimonials to learn more about the services. You can also contact our funeral directors to discuss your wishes, and we can discuss all available services, including funerals, woodland burials and direct cremations.

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Headstone Inscriptions

Within reason, you may choose any inscription you like. All inscriptions will need to be approved by the governing authority. Here, our expert stonemason has listed some key considerations when composing inscriptions for headstones:

  • The church encourages personal messages. Try to think of a message that represents the person. You could reflect on things they enjoyed or believed in.

  • It is worth considering the second or additional inscriptions to follow. Messages that mention surviving relatives may not make sense when the second inscription is required.

  • The cost of memorial inscriptions will depend on the number of letters. Your chosen lettering style will also impact the cost of your chosen memorial.

  • Long inscriptions may be impractical, and the lettering might be too small. You may also want to leave enough space for future inscriptions.

  • Keeping the same format for future inscriptions, such as dates, provides a neater appearance. The layout, font and other elements can impact other inscriptions.

  • All inscriptions will need to be approved by the governing authority.


Following a national recommendation, the local Diocese sets churchyard regulations. Regulations have changed in recent years, so you may not be able to have the same type of headstone as someone who was buried in the same churchyard five years ago. Cemeteries also follow regulations set out by their own governance, such as a private company, town or city council.

Cemeteries typically allow more freedom of expression, but we always recommend researching what headstones and other memorials are allowed before you commit, to avoid disappointment.

Headstone Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, memorials can become weathered, and the lettering can become unclear. LW Clutterbuck Ltd eliminates these issues with headstone and grave maintenance and restoration services.

We offer two levels of maintenance:

  • Suitable for graves with a headstone, that are grassed over or that have a kerb set with chippings. It includes keeping the headstone and chippings clean and tidy and mowing the grass.

  • A planting service for all-year-round interest with flowers growing in the ground. The grave will be planted twice a year, and the area around it will be kept clean and tidy.

Alternative Memorials

There are many suitable alternatives to headstones in Thornbury, Dursley, Wotton-under-Edge and the surrounding areas. Alternative memorials include:

  • Dedicating a Tree

  • Electronic Memorials

  • Plaques

  • Benches

  • Bird Baths

Our funeral directors can advise you on all the options available to provide the perfect memorial for your loved one.

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